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color.jpgeLGON ModaStyling color has THE LARGEST TUBE HAIR COLOUR IN THE WORLD, making it the MOST economical choice.

Less ammonia will allow the hair cuticle to close tightly and reflect light, creating a magnificent shine while locking in the colour. The smaller color molecules allow more colour to be locked deeper into the hair shaft.

eLGON has 74 shades of color as well as 0/0.  0/0 is a booster which will allow more ammonia to be added if/when needed. Other color lines CAN NOT offer the kind of ammonia control that eLGON does.

peroxide.jpgModaStyling Oxidant Cream

Creamy peroxide

Highly Stabilized

Available in 10, 20, 30 and 40 volume

blubleach.jpgBlu Bleach

Tones away the orange-dust free- Lavender scent-Fast acting

Use on or off scalp- No heat needed

Use with 10,20,30 or 40 volume cream peroxide.

bleachfree.jpgAmmonia Free Bleach

White bleach-Dust Free- Fast Acting-More conditioning-less damaging

Use on or off scalp- No heat needed

Use with 10,20,30 or 40 volume cream peroxide.

smartcolor.jpgSMART COLOR  Smart Color is an ammonia free, dynamic, bright and young colour designed to offer a new and personalized "colour service" for all needs.
Tone on tone semi permanent colour is available in 31 shades


Professional product in gel which allows you to completely remove the chemical colours both of dyes and semi-permanent colour from hair. Double phase product to mix in equal dose.

75 ml. bottle for upto 4 applications.

Apply on hair for approximately 40 minutes, allowing  wrong colours or undesired tones to be removed without damaging the hair. Application can be repeated twice.

Ammonia and oxygen free.

redcontrast.jpgRed Contrast

A new kind of hair colour. Red Contrast lifts  coloured hair with long lasting results... yes, we did say long lasting.

 To be used as a highlighting colour only. There are 5 great colours to choose from. Mix 1 part colour to 1 1/2 part peroxide. A little goes along way!